Information about Guests4Dinner

Privacy policy

Guests4Dinner Pty Ltd is the Australian Company that owns and operates the Communication
Service Platform,® connecting invited pre-paying Guests with Host service providers.

The® service platform provides Service information and the Financial Payment system to enable host provider services and financial payment and purchase transactions to occur.

In order to facilitate such service and payments, Guests4Dinner Pty Ltd through its Communication Service Platform collects personal information and data including names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, as well addresses of both invited Paying Guests and Host providers. It also collects and records Banking details for payments from invited Guests and to Hosts using Stripe as its secure Payment System.

Such information and Data is used for the purpose of conducting the online business, with full contact details of invited Guests and Hosts only provided to the two parties once a Guest Booking has been made.

Guests4Dinner securely stores and records all personal and financial Information and transactions and uses Stripe software to accept payments and manage the® business on-line.

For complete details of Stripe Privacy Policy refer to