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We all want to live in a world where people feel a sense of community, connection, belonging and self-worth.

Today, loneliness and social isolation have been identified as major public physical and mental health issues by the Australian Government, State Governments and local Councils too.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare there is a definite link between “More frequent social contact and higher life satisfaction and overall health”. Source:

Some researchers suggest that loneliness and social isolation is at a crisis point, and it is not just older people but younger people too.

At Guests4Dinner we believe that we have a role to play in helping to better connect society and bring people together through enjoying dinner engagements – where it is not just the great food being cooked, but also through interesting conversations and social interaction between invited guests and their hosts. 

We believe that in a small way we can create a more connected society and bring a little extra happiness into the world. 

Register yourself, but also ask friends and others to Register too! The more people who join, the bigger and better the Guests4Dinner Community.


Guests4Dinner is a Service Platform providing the online connection between Hosts (As Suppliers) and invited Guests (As Buyers) with Guests4Dinner providing the secure payment system for invited Guests to pay Hosts via the Guests4Dinner Service Platform for the Host service provided.

Guests4Dinner Pty Ltd derives its income by providing this service.

Hosts are independent contractors and there is no employment agreement between Guests4Dinner and Host suppliers.

Hosts may be Home Cooks, Professional Chefs or Organisers and will be paid via the Guests4Dinner Service Platform for providing dinners to invited Guests and/or other meals.

Hosts earn income by providing invited Guests with dinners or other meals. If your Guests4Dinner payments are taxable income, you will need to to keep financial records and receipts of their costs in order to be able to claim these costs against any income that is earned. 

Note: Australian Hosts receiving a Government Pension, income support or payment should also check with Centrelink in relation to earning income as a Home Host. 

Guests4Dinner will advise Hosts of each payment from invited Guests once the Host Service has been completed and keep records of all payments that have been made, including providing an end of Financial Year statement (In Australia 1st of July to end June)

Guests4Dinner Pty Ltd does not provide any Financial or Taxation Advice and Hosts are advised to speak with their Financial Advisor or Tax Accountant in relation to their Income and Taxation Affairs.


There are many reasons why you should become a Guests4Dinner Home Cook, Chef Host or Organizer.

Here are just some of them.

• You just love food and cooking
• You like meeting new and interesting people
• You enjoy conversation and talking to people
• You just want to earn some extra money doing something you love
• You need extra money to help with the cost of living
• You would like to showcase your food, culture and heritage
• You would like to meet people from your homeland
• You are feeling lonely or isolated and would love to have company
• You would like to meet people who share the same culture and background
• You want to open a restaurant but are worried that it might be too costly
• You are a Chef, and would like to have invited guests who share your passion for food
• You cook for family, but would like to do more 
• You like to experiment with new recipes
• You are tired of takeaways, food courts and fast food 
• You are working from home and missing the social contact with workmates in an office 
• You want to raise funds for a charity or special cause
• You want the flexibility of cooking at home and don’t want a full-time job

These are just a few of the many reasons to become a Guests4Dinner Host.

Celebrating culture and diversity. Bringing people together.


IN AUSTRALIA – Food Safety standards for a Home-based food for profit business using a domestic kitchen are managed by individual State-based Food Authority/Department of Health Departments AND/OR by Local Councils. You may or may not be required by a Local Council to complete a DA (Development Application) and/or a Food Premises Notification Form or other forms. 

Rules and approvals differ from State to State and each Local Council. Regulations will also be different for Commercial Kitchens and Licensed Premises.

Home Cook Hosts must comply with their State Food Authority and Local Council food safety practices and general requirements in order to gain any necessary permits and/or approvals.

Home Cook Hosts, Chef Hosts and Organisers must check with either or both their State Food Authority and Local Council prior to inviting paying invited Guests to their Home or Venue.

It is the responsibility of all Home Cook Hosts to do this.

Bed and Breakfast businesses, Farmstays, childcare businesses and people cooking at home for a school fete, market or charity are all subject to the same requirements.

Food Authority and Local Council main concerns are that domestic kitchens, bathrooms and washing facilities are clean and hygienic and that all food is prepared, stored and cooked safely. This should also be your concern too, remembering that invited Guests will also star rate their experience. 

In Australia, 4 out of 5 meals are home cooked – with millions of Home Cooks cooking for family, friends and invited guests every night without issues. 

For further information on “Home based food business” food safety, refer to Safefood Australia, chapter 3 of the Food Standards Code, Appendix 10 and 

INSURANCE – Home Hosts should have Public Liability Insurance

In most cases Public Liability Insurance is included with Home and Contents Insurance Policies. 

Check your insurance documents or contact your insurance company or insurance broker to ensure that you are covered for Public Liability Insurance, prior to inviting paying invited Guests to your Home or Venue. 

Where a Home Host is renting a property, Public Liability Insurance may be included in a Contents Insurance Policy. Again, check with your Insurance Company or Insurance Broker. 

Every Home Host is responsible for their own Public Liability Insurance and complying with Food safety requirements by State and Local Councils.