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Connecting Community for a better world. Celebrating Culture and diversity. Bringing people together.

Welcome to a world of great chefs and home cooks! 

Having survived the COVID-19 Pandemic and the isolation of not being able to connect with family, friends and workmates, it’s now time to re-connect, to meet new people and enjoy the best food in the world.

Newly retired? Moved to a new suburb? Working from home? Missing the ‘people connection’ and social interaction? Missing conversation, true authentic food from your homeland, an Authentic home cooked dinner or special cultural event?

It’s time to re-connect and it all starts here!

Right here in Australia we have amazing chefs, home cooks and organisers who are passionate about their food and culture and wanting to showcase their cooking skills, culture and food with you as their invited guest.

In Australia there are over 200 different nationalities all with unique heritage, foods and cultures. 

Australian, Mexican, Swedish, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Canadian, English, Greek, German, Indian, Fijian, Sri Lankan, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Persian, American, Chilian, American, Cambodian, English, Irish – the list goes on – an amazing array of great cooks, foods, cultural traditions and connections. 

Guests4Dinner aims to connect Australia’s best Home Cooks and Chefs and create a better more connected world and society.

REGISTER TODAY – as a Home Cook, Professional Chef or Organiser AND/OR as an invited Guest or Guests too! 

It’s quick, easy and secure… 

Great food, conversations and dinners, lunches, picnics, celebrations, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and barbeques. Whatever the occasion… It’s time to connect! It all starts here!